Meet Della Heiman, the chef and founder of Della Test Kitchen.

Apr 26, 2017

These days, it's Miami that inspires Della Heiman 

Ever wonder about the pros behind the plates we deliver? Once a month, we’ll profile one of our chefs (you can read profiles weekly on our Facebook page). Today, meet Della Heiman, the chef and founder of Della Test Kitchen in Miami. Della Test Kitchen serves health-promoting, plant-based food. Their menu focuses on nutrient-dense, sustainably sourced ingredients.

What’s your favorite cuisine?
 Middle Eastern.
Where did you learn to cook? From my mom, but my real interest in food began when I traveled around the world as a student and graduate. I studied, worked, and traveled in Central America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. I was exposed to people who were extremely passionate about plant-based foods. Through hours spent in kitchens and markets, upscale neighborhoods and shantytowns, schools, buses, and fields, I learned how people in all walks of life grew, purchased, and prepared food for their families. These new friends taught me about the importance of understanding where our food comes from, and they gifted me their time-tested recipes.
What is your favorite customer story? I love it when customers don’t know that I’m there and they are showing their guests who are new to Della Test Kitchen around as if it’s their place and introducing them to the menu. It makes me feel so fulfilled to know how much our concept resonates with our loyal customers. 
What’s your favorite thing about Miami? The people. The people in this city are amazing. I have found such a welcoming, fun, inspiring, and loyal community here. 
What about you might surprise people? I know how to do the worm, but don’t ask me to show you. 😊 Visit Amazon Restaurants to order from Della Test Kitchen or other great restaurants in your area.

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