Mar 31, 2017

DOCTOR AROMAS FOUNDATION TO HOST 2ND ANNUAL ART OF AROMAS SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITION FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Three high-school students will win a total of $4,500 on March 31, 2017   MIAMI, FL - March 13, 2017 - Doctor Aromas Foundation - a local non-profit with a special focus on fragrance research and its application as part of the creative educational process – presents the 2nd Annual Art of Aromas Scholarship Competition on March 31, 2017 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Miami Arts Charter Homestead (3000 SE 9th Street, Homestead, FL 33035). Nationally recognized artists Addonis Parker, Phil Fung and Rodrigo Londono were all drawn to the “weirdness of this project” and will serve as judges, imparting their respected input in choosing the 2017 winners who have followed their nose to forge a new realm of artistic expression.   The competition introduces the idea of using fragrances in art to students attending Dade County Schools from grades 10 to 12. The making of a new aroma is a creative act conceived from and for the sense of smell. This craft has been passed down through centuries around the world and today is recognized as a true art form. Multi-sensory Miami leads the way in integrating scent into high visibility, high end real estate projects like Brickell City Center, and Chateau Group projects.   Approximately 95 Dade County Public School students from grades 10 to 12 will be participating in the competition, almost doubling the amount of entries of the 2016 competition, the inaugural year for The Art of Aromas. Each participant will be given the latest Doctor Aromas scent of “Oriental Dream”, a woodsy fragrance that basks in the essences of the East. The bold, unique tone of the Cardamom mingling with the rich and earthy touches of Vetiver is topped off with the vigorous combination of Sandalwood and Amber. The Art of Aromas challenge is for these artistic teenagers to not only to be inspired by the scent but to include the scent into their submission piece, demonstrating how art can be influenced by our olfactory senses, our sense of smell.   “Experiencing a new fragrance is not unlike seeing a new work of art; it can have a significant impact on a person. Putting them together only enhances the experience,” says Doctor Aromas’ Marketing Director, Violeta Horne.   2016 Winners: Emily Barrera of MAC Homestead took home First Place and $2500 and for her 3-D Photographic “Blooming Mind” self-portrait. $1500 Second Place prize went to MAC Homestead’s Christian Sanchez’ mixed media piece “To Die to a Flower. Third Place and $500 went to DASH student Savannah Syarat who’s wax media “A Walk In My Shoes” was all scent inspired by “stinky shoes”.  2016 Competition B-ROLL   The 2017 Art of Aromas competing art pieces will be privately judged by Adam Demu, from Cosmo International Fragrances, Addonis Parker, Phil Fung, Rodrigo Londono and CEO of Doctor Aromas Rolando Epstein prior to the exhibition. (Media is invited to join the judging 3/30/17)  

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