Lock Art Gallery: The Cutting Edge of Wynwood

Nov 09, 2015

AAA Locksmith is the first ever of its kind and located right here in Wynwood. Combining locksmithing with art, AAA Locksmith owner Diego Castro and Artist/Art Director Santiago Betancur Z are the brains and creative behind the “Lock Art Gallery”. From industrial-inspired art, to abstract metal sculptures, to even pieces incorporating the locksmith industry, the current exhibitions are everything you’d expect of this unique collaboration. Another component to the gallery that Diego and Santiago plan to keep constant is the importance of diversity. Each of the current artists on display come from different parts of the world, expressing different styles. 
Lock Art Gallery is located just off 2nd Avenue and NW 36th Street, just skimming the outskirts of Wynwood. But that certainly is not hindering them from making a lasting impression on the Art Walk community next Saturday.  “We want people to know we are here, there are a lot of galleries on 36th Street that should be recognized as well.” says Diego while Lock Art neighbors several galleries like Wynwood Blank Canvas Gallery and Art Fusion Galleries. 
So, make your way to Lock Art Gallery next Saturday and pay them a visit!

About the Artist/Art Director
Santiago Betancur Z's work is currently on display at Lock Art Gallery. His style is a cross between expressionism and abstractionism, featuring canvas paintings of strong figures, both human and animal. He is also known for his outstanding close-up photographs of patterned soap bubbles.
To learn more about Santiago, click the links to his features at Artsy.net & Knight Blog.

About AAA Locksmith
Diego Castro has been in the locksmith business for some 10+ years. Alongside his wife Maria, they have built a credible and reliable business, servicing hundreds of people in Miami, Fl.  To learn more about AAA Locksmith, click HERE

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