N.O.A. Wynwood: Timeless Art Meets The Art of Time-Telling

Oct 23, 2015

N.O.A. Wynwood's owner Jose Cabada is very passionate about two things: Art and Watches. Barely a week old, the art gallery/watch boutique makes a splash in our friendly neighborhood. These Swiss-made watches, influenced by Italian design, are set apart by their unique design and continuos innovation. Along with his plans to invite artists to display (and sell) their work on a monthly basis, Wynwood is indeed the perfect place for this concept. "I love Wynwood, I wanted to do something different. I didn't want to go to Brickell or South Beach. I mean, the name itself is "None of the Above",  so I wanted a one-of-a-kind place." says Cabada. 
Currently on display are pieces by Arnoldo Diaz, who painted a piece called "Relativo al Tiempo" specially for N.O.A. Wynwood. Cabada plans to interchange the art and artists every few months, featuring custom designed pieces for the storefront.
So, how unique and innovative is N.O.A.? Extremely. Only 3,000 are produced on a yearly basis, many of which are limited edition. Not only that, but they are also extremely affordable. A high-quality, timeless, time-telling piece for a reasonable price is hard to come by. So with that, we encourage you to stop by N.O.A. Wynwood today and browse around! 

About the Artist: Arnoldo Diaz Arnoldo Diaz is a self-made, full-time artist, born in Puerto Cabello (Venezuela) in 1951. Diaz has had a long and rich artistic experience since an early age and is now going on 36 years as a successful professional. He has more than 40 solo exhibitions and a much larger number of group exhibitions in museums, institutions, galleries, art salons and public places in Venezuela and countries of America and Europe.   Since 1975, Diaz has received numerous awards and distinctions from various public and private institutions in his country. However in 1996, he managed to win two major awards in the United States, specifically in Florida, being recognized as “Absolut Artsist”. Diaz was also selected to create the official poster for the 100th anniversary of the city of Miami, “Miami Centennial Birthday Extravagance”. His art work is known for its aggressive and vivid color implementation, boldness and naturalness of a new vision of art known as POP-ART. The artist’s creativity and imagination are driven and inspired by implementing various techniques, as well as the diversity and plurality of everyday life.   Diaz’ paintings recapture the kingdom of lost childhood, the simplicity of the world, joy and constant moment; almost sacrificing the sense of ordinary images for color. 

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