Magnus & The Magical Murals of The Wynwood Block

Sep 21, 2015

If you've been in Wynwood recently, you may have noticed a man- on a boom lift- transforming the walls of the Wynwood Block into magnificent murals. Magnus Sodamin has been bringing colorful personality to the Wynwood neighborhood for quite sometime. This local artist, whose first mural was a less than half a year ago, has been working on the Wynwood Block for about a couple of weeks. "It's been two weeks, and it's raining a lot so it's been a little slow." Sodamin explains. Currently the mural stands 60% finished, but nonetheless eye-catching and beautiful. 

His inspiration and love for art began at a very young age, in fact, he may have been born with it. He recalled visits to Norway with his grandmother, who was a painter. "She'd put oil paint and a canvas in front of me, and I'd have to make a painting every summer." Sodamin says, and that was just the beginning. 
Manhattan-born but Miami-raised, he spent a year training at Nansen Academy in Lillehammer, Norway and continued to earn his BFA at the New World School of the Arts in Miami in 2012. "I believe dreams are attained by everything that has lead up to it." he mentions as he journeyed down memory lane.

Since being represented by Primary Projects, he has gained much exposure with back-to-back solo exhibitions as well as several other projects within the neighborhood. "I feel as if this current project is almost like my own personal landmark, which is kind of crazy." says Sodamin as he goes into the details of the Wynwood Block murals.

"I think what I'm doing here is not necessarily street art, it's not graffiti, it's not any of that." he explains, and we most certainly agree. 

To keep up with Magnus, make sure to follow him on Instagram at: @magnificentmagnus
And his website: 

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