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Aug 13, 2015

LAB Miami has been offering entrepreneurs and artistic minds the opportunity to claim a creative space, allowing them to explore their potentials alongside Miami’s most innovative individuals.   

Amongst the group of programs, people and classes offered is Wyncode: a coding program which is becoming the window of opportunity to those interested in pursuing a career in the fast-growing market. Within the space, Wyncode occupies the biggest room as an important tenant and close partner of LAB.  

Entrepreneurs Johanna & Juha Mikkola founded the coding academy, a husband and wife duo that brought their idea and nurtured it until it became the thriving institute it has been for over a year now. Both Johanna & Juha come from a Finnish background and prior to living in Miami, they had dipped their hands in the corporate industry in Canada. Johanna with a history working with the NHL; Juha being the previous owner of a sporting goods company. The two established their institutions in two locations (Miami & Fort Lauderdale) with the mindset to “empower individuals by giving them the computer programming skills they need” as well as “placing equal importance on soft skill development”. For the two, this meant their students would come out equipped with enough knowledge to perform adequately both behind and in front of the computer screen.  

The primary program they offer is a “Web Immersive” one, which includes full stack web development and fluency on an array of basic computer languages. In all of 9 weeks, students are transformed from computer novices to full fledged junior developers, providing enough skills to work as a web developer in any company in the greater South Florida area. The reassured success the program provides their students is available because of the environment created by both Johanna and Juha. The admissions process allows for a filter system that lets the applicants know whether they’re truly passionate about the work they’re applying for and if they are willing to put forth the countless hours and dedication that comes as part of the program.  

After going through the 9 weeks for relentless typing and endless coding, Juha and Johanna take the pride they have in their students’ work and elevate their talent through their event: Pitch Day! The event allows for the success to be highlighted and presented to the community. The 3 hour, 300 person event embraces why the academy started and the genuine personality that is characteristic to businesses and artists all around Wynwood.  

The next session in the Wynwood location begins September 23 & October 5 for the Fort Lauderdale location. Be sure to check them out!!!  

Follow them on twitter: @wyncode

  • Johanna Mikkola
  • Juha Mikkola

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