Os Gêmeos

Jul 30, 2015

Brazil has been the breeding grounds for some of the world's most unique and talented street artists. From the infamous Beco do Batman neighborhood located in one of the more "hipster" boroughs of the concrete jungle of São Paulo, Vila Madalena to Rio de Janeiro's metro stations in Copacabana, street art can be found in every corner.  As a result of Miami's international atmosphere coupled with its new and growing art community, many Brazilians have made their way to the streets of Wynwood and amongst them, two brothers from São Paulo, Os Gêmeos. 

Their name has the literal translation of "The Twins" and with justification given the fact that Gustavo and Otavio have joined their creative genius and worked in unison since birth. Together they've created art recognizable even by the novice eye, indulging in the beliefs and visions of the people and portraying political, social and cultural issues through vibrant visuals. 

Their art has made it all around the world with solo exhibitions and joint collaborations; be it galleries or murals, their work is admired by many. 


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