This Week: Salma Hayek dazzles in the captivating, Beatriz at Dinner @ O Cinema Miami Beach

Jul 08, 2017


At an elegant dinner party in a swanky hilltop home, conversation between a soft-spoken holistic healer and a hard-nosed businessman explodes into a bitter clash of cultures in BEATRIZ AT DINNER, the latest provocative film from director Miguel Arteta and screenwriter Mike White featuring superb performances from Salma Hayek and John Lithgow. 

Exploring the widening gulf between the world's haves and have-nots with fierce insight and unexpected humor, Beatriz at Dinner addresses contemporary controversies, from economic inequality and conservation to the necessity of simple human kindness.

Beatriz (Salma Hayek), a self-effacing and spiritual immigrant from Mexico, has spent her adult life caring for the sick while neglecting herself. When her car breaks down and she is stranded at a client's luxurious Newport Beach home overnight, her well-meaning employer Kathy (Connie Britton) insists she join them for a dinner party that evening. At an intimate and sumptuous celebration of her husband's latest business venture, Beatriz is introduced to Doug Strutt (John Lithgow), a ruthless billionaire real-estate developer. She listens uncomfortably while Doug brags about his aggressive business tactics, but when he boasts about shooting a rhino in Africa, she can no longer hold her tongue. As opposing worldviews collide over a dinner table, Beatriz's pent up outrage spills out in a way that surprises even herself.

A hit at the Sundance film festival, Beatriz at Dinner is riveting.  Half chamber drama, half dark dramedy of errors, audiences will draw parallels to recent events and powerful people who the film brilliantly echoes.  

"Funny, touching and Vital"
-Rolling Stone

-The Guardian

"A loaded but effective piece of inspired artistry"

"An elegant, squirm-inducing dark comedy.  
Funny and suspenseful...a barbed allegory for the Trump era"

Fri, June 23rd @ 4:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm & 9:30pm
Sat, June 24th @ 2:30pm, 4:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm & 9:30pm
Sun, June 25th @ 2:30pm, 4:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm & 9:30pm
Mon, June 26th @ 4:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm & 9:30pm
Tues, May 27th @ 4:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm & 9:30pm
Wed, June 28th @ 4:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm & 9:30pm
Thurs, June 29th @ 4:15pm, 6:15pm, 7:45pm & 9:30pm

O Cinema & Secret Celluloid Society present
Sat, Jun 24th @ 11:45pm

Secret Celluloid Society ends their 13 month residency at O Cinema Miami Beach this Saturday with an ultra-rare 35mm screening of the classic Japanese anime AKIRA.  Join us as we celebrate this past year of memorable screenings and bid a adieu to Nayib, Bryan and the SCS crew as they launch a new exciting phase of bringing 35mm to spots near and far throughout Miami.  
Tickets will sell out so grab yours early. 

It's not hyperbole to say Ana Lily Amirpour smashed her way into the world of film with her debut, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT. Complete with a skateboarding Iranian vampire, GIRL delivered a fresh, provocative voice to the scene and with it a wave of critical acclaim and hardcore fan adoration, instantly becoming a cult sensation.  As with all break out success stories, discourse quickly pivoted to "what's next?" a question Amirpour sonically obliterates with THE BAD BATCH.

Set in the scorching vistas of a hostile desert, THE BAD BATCH focuses its lens on Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) as she is unceremoniously dumped in a dystopian wasteland fenced off from civilized society. While trying to orient her unforgiving environment she is captured by a savage band of cannibals and quickly realizes she'll have to fight her way through her new reality. As Arlen adjusts to life in 'the bad batch' she discovers that being good or bad mostly depends on who you're standing next to.  Starring Suki Waterhouse, the film features fantastic performances from unexpected Hollywood A-listers Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey.

Complete with stellar cast, electrifying visuals and a score to die for, Amirpour has created another cinematic chapter that is as uncategorizable as her first, a move that excitedly begs us to once again ask the question, "what's next?" 

Fri, June 23rd @ 7pm & 9:15pm
Sat, June 24th @ 1:45pm, 4pm, 6:15pm & 8:30pm
Sun, June 25th @ 1:45pm, 4pm, 6:15pm & 8:30pm
Mon, June 26th @ 7pm & 9:15pm
Tues, June 27th @ 7pm & 9:15pm
Wed, June 28th @ 9:30pm
Thurs, June 29th @ 9:15pm

"excels at fusing outrageous genre pastiche with a colorful homegrown universe.molds one genre after another into something new - an original voice on par with the attitude of its fiercely independent characters."

"surreally atmospheric post-feminist genre spin....A savage dystopian fairy tale"
-The Hollywood Reorter

After a sold out screening last month, Ayiti Images, O Cinema and Miami Theater Center join forces to present an encore screening of TOUSSAINT LOUVERTURE!

At only eight years old, Toussaint Louverture was marked forever after witnessing a grave tragedy befall his enslaved father. Over two decades later-as an adult and a free man-Louverture enlists his military genius and political acumen to lead the first successful slave uprising that led to the independence of Haiti.

Sat, June 24th

* SMOKED FISH DIP (celery, radish, saltines)
with shaved red onion, radish, feta, mint, lime


Take an atmospheric and immersive musical journey through the swamps of the Louisiana Bayou, the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta and the moonshine-soaked barbeques of North Mississippi Hill Country. 

A favorite of the film festival circuit and making its Florida Premiere at this special event, I Am The Blues takes audiences into the world of the African American blues legends, many in their 80s, still making music and sharing stories in the Deep South. 

From sunny front porches to spirited church halls, the last of the 'blues devils' including Bobby Rush, Barbara Lynn, Henry Gray, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, Lazy Lester and Little Freddie King share their songs and a spellbinding oral history. Capturing the distinctive landscapes and romantic spirit of the South with an expert lens, director Daniel Cross follows the Mississippi River past Graceland, past Muscle Shoals, and into the beating heart of the blues.

Wed, June 28th
Dinner 6pm / Movie 7pm

Horror fans, rejoice! POPCORN FRIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL, Florida's largest horror/genre film festival, kicks-off August 11th-17th at O Cinema Wynwood, premiering award-winning feature films and short films from around the world! It's time for rampage. It's time for chaos. It's time for gory fun. It's time for Popcorn Frights!

Don't miss out on any of our surprises and treat yourself to an ALL-ACCESS FESTIVAL BADGE which gives you access to all seven nights of terror.


As a nonprofit cinema, the proceeds
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cornerstone of the cultural life of our community-
so you can both feel good and do good by joining. 
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