Gabriela Benatar Creator of BenatART Illustrator Artist

Dec 27, 2016

Gabriela Benatar is a Venezuelan illustrator creator of BenatART. Her art is a boiling mixture of surf, waves, freedom, flowers, palm trees, and good vibrations. Gaby studied at the Caracas Institute of Design in Venezuela, and she continued to work on some of her techniques at the Boca Art School in Florida, where she took courses on sculpture, acrylic, and mandalas.  

Gaby is a lover of nature and extreme sports, especially surfing, which has become one of her greatest sources of inspiration. Most of her artistic ideas are born when she is riding the waves.
She has painted surfboard fins, motorcycle helmets, skateboards, an airplane and one of her latest pieces called “Perfect Imperfections,” an acrylic collage. She also recently worked on two mandala murals at Wynwood (29th St), Miami in collaboration with fellow Venezuelan artist, Flix.

In her process, Gabriela is an artist that always likes to go straight to the point. She believes in one rule for making art: there are no mistakes.  Artists that inspire Gabriela include her mother, Nadia Benatar, Erik Abel, Alex Krastev, Morgan Maassen, Pájaro, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Juan Manuel Hernandez, among others.

Gaby uses different techniques like acrylic, markers, and watercolors, among others. She recreates the places she wants to be and the colors she wants to see. She defines art as meditation.
Gabriela started painting when she was fourteen year’s old and she made her first exhibition at her grandmother’s house in Los Chorros, Caracas. To this day, she provides this space and helps other Venezuelan artists exhibit and promote their work. To see her artwork, please visit her Instagram account @Benatart.

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