Sep 30, 2016

An activist and teacher moves her children from Oakland, California to join the Grenada Revolution.

In 1979 Maurice Bishop led the first popular revolution in the English-speaking Caribbean. The "Revo" attracted workers from around the world, including Fannie Haughton, who moved to the island in 1983 with her two young children from Oakland, California to take up a position in the ministry of education. Only months later, however, following the assassination of Bishop and several of his comrades, the United States staged a military invasion. Haughton and her children were forced to flee Grenada. In 1999 Haughton's son, Damani Baker, returned to the island with his mother and began shooting a documentary film. The House on Coco Road is the story of Fannie Haughton and a group of tireless women who put their lives on the line, daring to build a different type of country, and a better world.

Fri, Sept 30th @ 8:30pm
A collection of short films 

Dhani struggles to support himself and his mother by selling doubles at the market. When his estranged father returns unexpectedly, Dhani must decide what to do next.

Intent on finding his mother eight-year-old Rosental visits Kamo, the village sorcerer, who tells him she is now a siren who lures fishermen to a realm deep in the ocean.

Anil, an introverted boy, is pressured by his father to become a cricket player but his true interest lay in his love for Dano, an older boy. 

Michael is the parish bull-confident, charming and without scruples. Michael isn't afraid to make his bed, but he may just be afraid to lay in it.

A lonely, elderly man gets mistaken for a taxi driver while on a morning drive through the busy streets of Port-of-Spain. What follows is a long day of reckoning with memories, friendships and revelations. 

Sat, Oct 1 @ 1:15pm
Generation Revolution is a documentary that brings to the screen the powerful story of a new generation of black and brown activists, many members of the Caribbean Diaspora,  who are changing the social and political landscape in Great Britain.

It follows a trio of organizations as well as the young Londoners that are part of them. The London Black Revolutionaries have a predilection for dramatic, direct action; R Movement challenge the idea of the "staid and serious" political activist; and the Black Dissidents are a new group intent on furthering the fight against oppression along the lines of race, class and gender. The film chronicles the evolution of its characters as they experience personal and political awakenings, breakthroughs, and-at times-disillusionment. Generation Revolution offers a unique and original glimpse into the rewarding but difficult path that must be trodden in the struggle for personal, social and political liberation.

Director Cassie Quarless will be in attendance.

Sat, Oct 1 @ 4pm
Residents of a particular area in the Port of Spain fight to live in their community.

King Curtis, a vagrant on the streets of Port-of-Spain, is constantly ignored by passersby. He speaks and-if he has to-sometimes shouts the truth about the stories behind the newspaper headlines. As the narrator of our story, King Curtis introduces us to a young man named Charlie, trying his best to stay on the right path. However, with no job in sight, he is finding it hard to say no to other, lucrative opportunities. A chance at redemption presents itself when Dinah, a professional streetwalker, crosses his path in need of help. As the film unfolds, King Curtis reveals the ripple effect created by one person's decision-making, leading to moments of triumph and moments of tragedy.

Sat, Oct 1 @ 7pm
Set in Ladbroke Grove, West London, an area with a large Caribbean population since the 1950s, Pressure explores the assimilation of Caribbean people into British society through the eyes of Anthony, a British-born son of an immigrant family from Trinidad who finds himself adrift between two cultures.

The film focuses on one teenagers, and his attempt to find his way in a white-dominated society. As Anthony's initially high hopes are repeatedly dashed - he cannot find work anywhere; potential employers treat him with suspicion because of his color - his sense of alienation grows. While his family come from Trinidad, Anthony was born in Britain and is British. When a Black awareness meeting is violently raided by the police, and Anthony sees these 'organized forces of repression' at work, his political awakening begins.

The film is shot in a gritty realist style, with an often documentary feel. It convincingly captures the spirit of the 1970s, a pivotal period for race relations in Britain and the politicisation of a generation. 

Sat, Oct 2 @ 12pm

A bright Rhodes scholar from colonial Jamaica becomes Stuart Hall, a public intellectual.

In 1951 the late Stuart Hall left his native Jamaica to study at Oxford University. He would go on to become one of the United Kingdom's foremost cultural theorists and intellectuals, and hailed as the father of modern British multiculturalism. This powerful documentary portrait of Hall-made up entirely of footage from his personal archive-takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride through the upheavals, struggles and turning points that made the 20th century the century of campaigning, and of global political and cultural change. The film is completed by a potent score comprising the music of Miles Davis, for which Hall had a lifelong affinity.

Sat, Oct 2 @ 2:30pm

Decades after the apocalypse and after extraterrestrial life has been discovered, the few inhabitants left in a hostile earth struggle to survive by squatting and rummaging to make ends meet.

For many years, an alien spaceship has hovered in the skies, undisturbed and dormant, slowly rusting away. Tired of picking up the crumbs of gone-by civilizations, Candy dreams of the day when he is not living in a state of perpetual fear. When the spaceship in the sky begins to turn on, and after a series of freak incidents in the bowling alley that Candy and his wife Selam call home, our hero is forced to embark on a surreal journey through the post-apocalyptic Ethiopian landscape. As Candy grapples with witches, Santa Claus and second-generation Nazis, he discovers the memories that lead him on this journey might not be real.

Sat, Oct 2 @ 5:15pm

FLORIDA PREMIERE! Twenty five years after Miguel Dieppa died from AIDS, his niece, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo, embarks on an excavation into a quagmire of unresolved family drama.

Like many gay men in the 1980s, Miguel moved from Puerto Rico to New York City; he found a career in theater and a rewarding relationship. Yet on his deathbed he grappled to reconcile his homosexuality with his Catholic upbringing. Now, decades after his death, Cecilia locates Miguel's lover Robert, who has been shunned and demonized by the family, in order to understand the whole story. Braiding recently discovered home movies, interviews, and contemporary vérité footage, Memories of a Penitent Heart dissects a family secret while exploring the AIDS crisis and the rarely heard story of Latino artists who died in the early days of the epidemic. This is a moving story about mistakes of the past and second chances that also questions how faith is used in times of crisis.

Director Cecilia Aldarondo will participate in a post-screening Q&A via Skype!

Sat, Oct 2 @ 7:30pm

From the production team behind the Oscar-winning Searching for Sugar Man comes WE ARE X, a transcendent rock & roll story about X Japan, the world's biggest and most successful band you've never heard of...yet.

Under the enigmatic direction of drummer, pianist, composer, and producer Yoshiki, X Japan has sold over 30 million singles and albums combined--captivating such a wide range of admirers from KISS and Marilyn Manson to David Lynch, Stan Lee, and even the Japanese Emperor--all while pioneering a spectacle-driven style of visual rock and creating a one-­of­-a-kind cultural phenomenon that sold out international stadiums with their own style of amps-to-11 glam rock-imagine Iron Maiden with a David Bowie spirit animal.

Mon, Oct 3rd @ 8pm
Ronnie runs a Disco walking tour with his son, Brayden. When a sexy woman takes the tour, it begins a competition between father and son for her love. It also signals the arrival of an oily strangler who stalks the streets at night.

A modern masterpiece of bad taste, this grotesquely hilarious exercise in juvenile depravity and cheesy gore introduces a pair of disco tour guides whose town is terrorized by a slimy maniac who crushes skulls and eats eyeballs. Hands down the grossest, weirdest and truly most 'WTF?' film you've seen in a long time. An official selection of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, THE GREASY STRANGLER is a perverted combination of John Waters at his appalling best and the warped comedy of Adult Swim's Tim & Eric.

Tues, Oct 4th @ 8pm

In the summer of 2015, legendary musician David Byrne (Talking Heads) staged an event at Brooklyn's Barclays Center to celebrate the art of Color Guard: synchronized dance routines involving flags, rifles, and sabers. Recruiting performers that include the likes of Saint Vincent, Nelly Furtado, Ad-Rock, and Ira Glass to collaborate on original pieces with 10 color guard teams from across the US and Canada,CONTEMPORARY COLOR is a beautifully filmed snapshot of a one-of-a-kind live event.

Having completed an Americana trilogy of observational documentaries (Western, Tchoupitoulas, 45365), filmmakers Bill and Turner Ross direct their attention to this large scale concert performance. The Ross brothers do not simply document this night of collective performances, but conduct an immersive and visually captivating experience that captures the energy, rhythm, and artistry of the night itself.

Wed, Oct 5th @ 8pm


A hybrid of cinema and performance, music videos are a unique and timeless artistic expression that visually encapsulate and interprets the narratives of the music that inspires them.

This year III Points, in partnership with O Cinema, launches Nu Wave an annual multicultural celebration of music videos of all genres from both established musicians as as burgeoning artists, creating a platform for creatives to showcase their visuals on the big screen including works from artists like Vince Staples and more

Thurs, Oct 6th @ 8pm

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