Definition of a Phoenix @ Wyn317

Sep 12, 2016

Ivan Roque
Definition of a Phoenix
Solo Exhibition

September 10-30, 2016
Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 10, 5-8pm

According to the Law of the Conservation of Energy, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only transcend from one object to another. Could this idea be the very truth of our mere existence? We are nothing but vessels that contain a life force advancing throughout time. Like the phoenix that dies and rises from the ashes, this infinite cycle is repeated. Unlike the flaming avian, we are the exception, evolving into creatures far more complex each time. Various eastern philosophies and ideals like the Karmic Wheel discuss this reality.

Born December of 1991, Ivan J. Roque is a visual artist from Miami, Florida. Raised in the inner city of the infamous Carol City, Ivan has a passion centered on the concepts of birth, death, renewal, and social struggles. He was influenced by old masters like Marcel DuChamp, Caravaggio and Mark Rothko. But today's geniuses such as Shepard Fairey, Anthony Lister and Typoe have also been a big influence in his art.

Roque has accomplished many impressive achievements for his young age. Among these are working artistically with rapper Denzel Curry and being selected to collaborate with major brands like Beck's, Seagram's Gin and The Opium Group. He also frequently showcases alongside established artists such as Stephen Gamson, David Detuna, John "CRASH" Matos, and many others. Additionally, Ivan was chosen to be a part of the acclaimed Pop-up Pianos Miami during Art Basel 2012. Also, Surfside commissioned one of his pieces for the town. This year he was invited by Ultra Music Festival Korea to paint a mural during their event.  

Thus far, this artist has had two gallery solo shows. Ivan Roque's first museum solo show took place this summer at The Coral Springs Museum of Art. Roque's pieces are increasingly in demand. His works are sold to collectors worldwide. 

Roque's art can be seen in galleries in New York, Miami and Dubai and in murals internationally. His work is truly innovative and followed by many.

WYN 317 Gallery is designed to spotlight Miami's unique urban landscape by providing a local's touch. It's an authentic space where fresh up-and-coming, mid-career, and established native and international artists connect with local legends. Highlighting aesthetics ranging from the area's graffiti culture to a wide array of vibrant pop art influences, this exhibition and event venue takes pride in delivering art cultivated in Miami neighborhoods. WYN 317 provides a perspective that keeps you in touch with the community. WYN 317 Gallery is located at 167 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL 33127. For further information, please visit:, email: or call: 305-761-1116.

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