Wynwood Farmer's Marlet Pop-up @ Dawnings

Aug 17, 2016

Join us on Wednesday,  August 17th at 6am @ Sacred Space (105 NE 24 Street Miami, FL 33137and get inspired to build a better future for Miami and for yourself.

Please use code MEDITATE to get $10 off the already reduced early-bird ticket price ($30) at www,dawnings.co.  Note that  early-bird pricing ends before midnight on Aug. 5th. Healthy snacks, drinks and entertainment is on us!!

For more information, please visit Dawnings.  We hope to see you there! 

The Dawnings Method

The event is divided in three sections - Meditate, Educate and Liberate -  in order to take the participants through a complete mind and body reboot.

Meditate @ 6:00am  

Open up your mind and body through a unique fire meditation experience meditation under the first light of day. 


Fire Meditation with Kahill Head
Kahill will lead the Meditate section of Dawnings with a very special "fire meditation".  Participants will be able to share in this unique experience by throwing their personal intentions into the fire and experience the burn and rebirth. 


Educate @ 7:00am  

Learn how to build tomorrow from those that see the future.  Get ready to listen and learn from local entrepreneurs that are passionate about our community and are building amazing companies right here in Miami. 

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