Portuguese Artists Reveal the Light of the Tropic @ Merzbau Gallery

Jun 09, 2016

Portugal Tropical is an art exhibition that brings to Miami an approach to the work of three prominent Portuguese contemporary artists, who carry out their artistic views in different expressive ways but are bounded by the exoticism and sensuality of the tropics. A selection of paintings by Pedro Calapez, landscapes by Monica Miranda and ceramic sculptures by Maria Ana Vasco Costa are the core of the exhibition curated by Alda Galsterer and Veronica de Mello in Merzbau Gallery (Wynwood, Miami) from June 9th.

Calapez's color palette proposes an approach to the tropics with expressive and dynamic lines, from the perspective of this Lusitanian artist. Meanwhile, the photographic images of landscapes delicately embroidered by Miranda offers a reading through a visual fabric that unites tropical wild nature, with a human hand holding the knitting needle. The subtle strength of Vasco Costa ceramics, remembers us that tropics also has an urban side that lives in a symbiotic way with forests, mountains and rivers.

The confluence of these artistic proposals, bonded together with an organic line by the curators, parts by the influence that Portugal receives from the tropics since years ago: music, food, dances and traditions from Africa and America, part of this country's memories, enriched and nourished. Portuguese contemporary artists can prove it.
For Arsen Wannissian and Glauco Avila, both founders and directors of Merzbau Gallery hosting this exhibition felt very natural, but was always a very important project to achieve. Merzbau is a space dedicated to showcase an innovative program that promotes diversity in the arts, as an intense cultural exchange in our city. The exhibition is presented in partnership with REDE, a contemporary art agency that works within the artistic community in countries such as, Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Macau, Mozambique, São Tome and Principe, bringing a new perspective in the art market. Merzbau has been positioned as an international platform for curatorship and artists all over the world.
Miami, known as a cultural melting pot, seems to be the right stage for this exhibition. "We hope our city received this proposal with enthusiasm, and take this unique opportunity to see the tropical light through the eyes of these talented Portuguese artists" Wannissian said.
About the Artists
Pedro Calapez

(Lisbon, 1953), lives and works in Lisbon.  The artist began taking part in exhibitions in the seventies and in 1982 he had his first solo exhibition. Pedro Calapez creates paintings that engage with space, influence our perception of architecture and the exhibition room. From small formats to large scale interventions and site-specific installations, this Portuguese artist has marked a whole generation of Portuguese and Spanish artists, himself having strong connections to artists like Richter or Twombly.
Mónica de Miranda

Mónica de Miranda is an artist, educator and producer. She is currently developing an artistic project in Comparative Studies Center, as a researcher. She was recently selected for the NOVO BANCO Photo 2016, the most important contemporary art prize held in Portugal. 

She achieved a bachelor degree at Camberwell College of Arts (London, 1998). A master's degree in Art Education and the Institute of Education (London, 2000) and PhD at Middlesex University (London, 2014). Also won a scholarship from the Foundation for Science and Technology. She is one of the founders of the artistic project Network residences Triangle Network in Portugal and the project Hangar, where she is the artistic director. Coordinated the artistic residencies: "Offline" (2013), "Transiting" (2012) and "Home and Abroad" (2010).
Maria Ana Vasco Costa

(Lisbon, 1981) Lives and works in Lisbon.Maria Ana Vasco Costa took a BA degree in Architecture in 2004, at Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon. Between 2012-2014 finished the Course of Ceramic and the Individual Project in Visual Art at Ar.Co - Center of Arts and Visual Communication, Lisbon.From a various number of exhibitions we mention: PERIPLOS / Arte português de hoy, at CAC Málaga (2016), Ar.Co Bolseiros & Finalistas 2014, Museum of Lisbon / Pimenta Palace, Lisbon (2015), Space A-Z in Lisbon (2014), Mostyn Open 19, Mostyn Llandudno, Walles, UK (2015), Exhibition of Autumn, Ar.Co Center of Arts and Visual Communication, Almada (2014), HD, ABECEDARIO - 40 years of Ar.Co, Museum of Chiado (2013), Por todos, at Galeria Ilacions, Barcelona (2012). Won the Surface Design Awards in 2016 and the Mostyn Open 19 in 2015.  

Portugal Tropical opening reception starts at 7pm and will be an ongoing exhibit at Merzbau Gallery, 2301 North Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127. 

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