Wynwood Art District: From industrial center to hipster haven

May 13, 2015

Article courtesy of bizjournals.com

When visitors come to Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, they may come for the shops, they may come for the coffee or the bread or the beer. But before the shops and food, there was the graffiti, acres of it lining the walls of the neighborhood.The thousands of square feet of paint on the walls of Wynwood have helped to create an outdoor museum that draws attention to the local and national businesses opening storefronts in the neighborhood. From homegrown Zak the Baker to New York eyewear company Warby Parker, the constant linking all these businesses is the vibrant street art splashed across the neighborhood.Click on the attached photos for a tour of the Wynwood areaThe Wynwood of Spring 2015 is dramatically different from the Wynwood of even a year ago. Over 40,000 people visited the neighborhood in March, and in one week, over 3,500 customers dined at two landmark restaurants – Joey’s and Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.But when the late Tony Goldman, founder of Goldman Properties, bought over 25 properties in Wynwood in 2004 and 2005, that kind of foot traffic was unheard of. The neighborhood was largely industrial with huge swaths of warehouses and clothing wholesalers lining the spaces between N.W. 2nd and 5th Avenues.That began to change in 2009, when Goldman opened Wynwood Walls, the 18-wall mural park that today anchors the neighborhood. There was a tradition of graffiti before Goldman, but in the past six years that tradition has blown wide open. Artists from around the world are invited each year to paint the walls, and some uninvited artists follow along, adding their work to the neighborhood’s collection. Visitors follow, stopping on the street to take photos, snapping images of poetry chalked onto the sidewalk. The art is reason enough to visit Wynwood, and doubles as the perfect way to revitalize a dynamic commercial and retail hub in Miami.

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