Me Oh Myumi Say Hello to Your Very First Omakase Truck

May 12, 2015

Welcome Lombardi Properties' Newest Tenant!

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We’ve got word of some hot goods being unloaded from a truck in Wynwood.

Correction: they’re refrigerated. Refrigerated goods.

Because there’s a new sushi spot called Myumi opening tonight in Wynwood—and yes, it’s a former FedEx truck. And here’s what it looks like.

And now... a few fun facts about this place:

That former parcel delivery service vehicle thing we mentioned. It’s true.
But it’s been given a new lease on life with a retractable awning, serious refrigeration capability and a long wooden bar.

There’s an omakase situation here.
You’ve got your choice of eight or 12 courses. And it’s all about tender scallops, soy-marinated tuna, fluke and burrito-like hand rolls from a chef who hails from NYC’s 1 or 8. They’ve got tea to accompany your pescatarian-leaning journey, but if you bring your own bottle of sake, well... no one’s going to stop you.

The seating is... limited.
There are six seats that get the chef’s attention for a full hour.

So you’re going to need to reserve one of those spots.
By giving them a call. Sending them an email. Or sumo wrestling someone for it.

Kidding. Sort of.

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Miami, FL 33127
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