Jan 15, 2016

IN MIAMI, AUTO SHOW MEETS DINNER THEATER Part gallery, part nightclub, the new Miami Supercar Rooms is slated to open in Miami’s art-filled Wynwood neighborhood Feb. 5. The project places a collection of luxury automobiles within a night-life destination, including dining pods, costing $3,000 a night, that accommodate up to six people for the evening, with food and drink. The British auto collector Elo, who goes by one name and also founded the London Motor Museum, is behind Miami Supercar Rooms. With indoor and outdoor exhibit space, it will showcase a rare 1955 SL 300 Mercedes Gullwing, 1958 450 S Maserati racecar and a 1953 Lamborghini tractor, purportedly one of only three remaining in the world. The dining pods, where a seasonal menu often themed to the cars will be served, can be closed for private dining or open to viewing the D.J. and bar. By day, the venue will be open for fans of the luxury cars, with the full nightclub experience operating on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

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