Fashion Haus Lab: Where Art meets Fashion & Everything In Between

Dec 09, 2015

Emilio Uribe was a pioneering boutique owner in the Wynwood neighborhood some eight years ago, just off 2nd Ave. After taking time off this past year, he’s back in the neighborhood, bringing us the Haus Fashion Lab, but it isn’t just about apparel any more. 
Much like the Wynwood neighborhood, Emilio has evolved with the unique demands of today’s trends, combining a little bit of art, fashion, styling, beauty, music, production and socializing. Talk about being well-rounded.
Whether it’s painting on a canvas, sewing a dress or releasing your first EP, Emilio knows how difficult it is to be and become an artist. He himself, is also an established makeup artist and hairstylist. 
It’s for this reason he’s dedicated his new storefront/showroom to artists looking to be discovered, but who may not have the means. You can find hand-painted pieces like leather jackets, coats and shoes, all one-of-a-kind, by an artist and curated by Emilio himself. 
This spacious location makes it great for hosting all kinds of events like launch parties, fashion shows and art exhibitions. Haus Fashion Lab is located off N Miami Ave and NW 25th St. You’ll always be greeted kindly by his trusted furry friend Jacov!

Haus Fashion Lab
48 NW 25 ST

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