Double Agent's First U.S. Showroom in Wynwood

Nov 21, 2015

Double Agent is a Barcelona-born, California-influenced Womenswear brand that has set up shop here in Wynwood. It’s unique in every sense of the word which, in turn, we love.
This is the very first U.S. showroom/boutique, followed by its second showroom in the Fashion District of Los Angeles. Both locations sell wholesale for stores/boutiques, and retail, for those just looking to do a little personal shopping.

Double Agent currently carries its self-titled brand and Friday’s Project, another bohemian-influenced brand. While the styles are heavily influenced by the “California lifestyle” the concept for the brand was created by Comdifil Group, a Spain-based fashion company. 

Not only is the Wynwood showroom extremely spacious and bright, it really gives off that “California Boho” vibe one might find at an LA-based boutique (preferably those on trendy Melrose Avenue). 

The showroom opened its doors officially just last month, along with a sale which you may want to catch. Tops, shorts, sweaters and more starting at $5.99, but the selection is limited and won’t last forever!

The official grand opening is set for December 11, 2015. Details soon to come, but in the meantime, give them a follow on Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date with their happenings.

Happy Friday!

Double Agent
519 NW 26th ST
Miami, FL 33127

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