Della Test Kitchen: Yes, They're Open!

Nov 18, 2015

From the della test kitchen Team:

yes, we're open

After 12 months of perfecting our recipes, della test kitchen is finally cooking up healthy bowls of happy right here in Miami. 

As a thank you to our loyal fans who have patiently waited for this day, we want to welcome you to our community of healthy, quick meals with complimentary macaroons all week long. 

Plus, if you bring in a group of five or more, we'll give you and your friends 25% off your meal and complimentary Lemon City iced teas. 

Can't make it to Wynwood?  We'll bring our della bowls of happy direct to your door. Order online here.  Place your order in advance - don't make us wait for that hotline bling. 

della test kitchen
56 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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