Wynwood Kill Her & Wynwood Kill Her Too: The Episodic Thrillers

Nov 13, 2015

Who would've thought Wynwood to be the perfect backdrop for a thriller series? Rottn Box Films. This unique company prides themselves on pioneering short films in and about the Wywnood/Miami Art District area. Their latest project is an episodic thriller (soon to be saga) called "Wynwood Kill Her", and sequel "Wynwood Kill Her Too". The stories revolve around a steampunk inspired urban legend, played by performing artist/designer Nakeyta, who prowls the streets at night, waiting to victimize those taking negative advantage of the art district to have a good time. 

Productions to follow include
 the third installment "Wynwood Kill Her 3", and a short series called PAUL about a serial killer living on Biscayne. 
Rottn Box Films primary goal is to raise more awareness of their films, and continue to create unique short films in the great neighborhood of Wynwood.
To keep up with Rottn Box Films, follow their Instagram page HERE.

Happy Friday!

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