Florencia Aise @ Wynwood 28

Nov 02, 2015

The beauty of Wynwood lies within its vast array of galleries, all displaying artists coming from near and far with different stories to tell. Wynwood 28 is the newest addition to the neighborhood, currently displaying the portraits and collages of Argentinian artist Florencia Aise, who we had the pleasure of getting to know during our gallery visit.
Florencia takes pride in where she comes from and where she’s been. Born and raised in Mendoza, the center of the Argentinian wine industry, her upbringing shines through her artwork. Her vivid portraits of grapes are extremely detailed, down to the glimmering dewdrops. Florencia’s hyperrealism is especially impressive in her portraits of people. She explained that the majority of the people she paints are mutual friends and family, but that her greatest muses are her daughters. 
Also on display in the Wynwood 28 gallery are her collages, each with their own unique backstory. Being the only child of her parents, she traveled often with them to many places around the world. In each place she visited, she made it a point to collect a keepsake. Over time, friends and family would also contribute to her collection. Today, those keepsakes have been transformed into artwork. One collage displays a collection of wine labels and currencies from different countries. The other is a map of the world covered in trinkets strategically placed on the city and/or country of its origin.
Florencia is currently living in Mendoza, but has plans to move to Miami, along with her family in the near future.
To learn more about her and her artwork, click here.

Wynwood 28
Wynwood 28 is a boutique art gallery, located in the heart of our neighborhood. Their main focus is promoting unique, talented artists who execute traditional values while staying creative in their artwork. The Wynwood 28 team is composed of professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in the field. It all began as a major project in 2014, forming two curatorial projects and participating in several art exhibitions across the United States and Argentina. Wynwood 28 is now the physical home of these projects, and is functioning as a gallery. A formal inauguration into the neighborhood is expected February 2016, but the gallery is and will be open to the public until then, so make sure to stop by!

97 NW 25TH ST
Suite 102
Miami, Fl 33127

Pictured Above: Artist Florencia Aise & her portrait of Pope Francis, one of her biggest inspirations.

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