Viophilia Presents: Dia De Los Muertos

Oct 26, 2015

Viophilia presents Dia de los Muertos, a 3 year anniversary event held at Viophilia located in Wynwood Miami, Florida. They are welcoming past, present and future supporters of Viophilia to a very special night curated by Ivette Cabrera. Their vision is to keep shifting the realm of the art world and bring forth the highest quality of boundary pushers, ground breakers and shape shifters that don't play well by the rules. October marks 3 years of Viophilia; a name which represents the obsession to create. Throughout their time at Viophilia, they have had the honor to represent, curate and collaborate with many talented artists ranging from all styles of art forms.

This year's theme, Dia de los Muertos is a merge between life and death, it is an event that will celebrate both worlds. They will feature art from a few hand selected artists both national and international and a large altar installation created by Viophilia. Head directors Ivette Cabrera and Francy Freixas will be in collaboration with pieces brought by artists and guests throughout the night. Guests are welcomed to bring an object or picture that represents an influential person in their lives that have passed away to be included in the large altar installation.


Established in 2012 and located in the South Edge of Wynwood, Viophilia is a creative hive providing a sanctuary for artists and creative professionals of all disciplines. Head directors Ivette Cabrera and Francy Freixas encourage residents to push the bounds of their potential while providing a residency program designed for artists looking to focus intensely on their craft, continuing works in progress and breaking new ground.

As a fundamental principle of Viophilia‚ĄĘs philosophy we believe that creating bonds through collaborative expressions is a bridge for discovery and learning. Participants are encouraged to pursue creative risk-taking and experimental processes along with leading group workshops and/or events.

To attend event guests must RSVP at

164 N.W. 20st Unit 101
Miami, FL 33127
Thursday October 29, 2015
7pm - 11pm

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