Oh, helloDOTMiami!

Sep 27, 2015

In the heart of Wynwood lies the LAB Miami, a creative working space for entrepreneurs of all sorts. Within the LAB lies some of the most innovative and creative minds in the city. Amongst them are Gerardo Aristizabal and Christian Schrader, the cofounders of HelloDOTMiami, Miami's new local domain set to go live on October 2nd. 

Let's take it back five years, when Gerardo Aristizabal, the managing director for HelloDOTMiami, first began his venture into the domain universe. When he heard of the popular domain name '.co', he was immediately intrigued and was eager to learn more. After careful research and investigation, he found the concept to be extremely beneficial. The '.co' domain is tailored to the entrepreneur community by offering contact connections, industry events and startup promotions. So why not instill the same concept for major cities? From that came the '.nyc' local domain for New York City, which Gerardo helped create. 

"It seemed natural to come to Miami and begin their local domain,." Gerardo says. Aside from being business partners, Gerardo and Christian stand firmly upon a friendship dating back to their high school days in Colombia. Christian has been calling Miami home for the last 15 years and is the director of strategy for '.miami'

Their goals and aspirations for the HelloDotMiami domain is to give users a sense of pride to be an entrepreneur, artist or business owner in Miami while enhancing the quality and presence of their site's brand. It is for this reason they opened a pre-registration at a discounted price. So if your're a local business owner or entrepreneur, make sure to reserve your domain at helloDOTmiami.com

To get in touch with Gerardo and Christian, contact: admin@hellodotmiami.com

For additional information on the 'HelloDotMiami' domain, contact: info@hellodotmiami.com 

Christian Schrader (left) & Gerardo Aristizabal (right)

  • Christian Schrader (left) & Gerardo Aristizabal (right)
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