The Wynwood Yard: Bringing the Neighborhood Together

Sep 02, 2015

The Wynwood Yard will bring a whole new meaning to phrase "community gathering space" in the Fall of 2015. As the first culinary incubator in Miami, The Wynwood Yard will host talented food and beverage entrepreneurs introducing the community to innovative culinary perspectives. “This is the kind of space where you can engage in activities all day--from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m." says CEO and founder Della Heiman.
Four pop-up concepts, along with a pop-up bar, will make up the Yard surrounded by lush greenery, unique art, and picnic-style seating. Another element to the Yard will include a 6-month installation of a prototypical container home called LivBox. This unique concept was designed by WynBox, a local start-up developed by the Wynwood architecture firm RoyalByckovas. The site will also be available for private events such as dinner parties and educational seminars.   
Della Heiman is not only the CEO and founder of The Wynwood Yard, but also of one of the already confirmed collaborators. 
Della Test Kitchen, is a food truck where guests can choose from a menu of customizable, globally-inspired plant-based bowls. Joining culinary forces with Della is chef Jeffrey Brana, former chef of Norman's and Restaurant Brana. Myumi, an already familiar name in the neighborhood, is the second collaborator to join the Wynwood Yard. Being the first of its kind, this omakase sushi bar on wheels serves traditional sushi in a way consumers don't normally see it. 
Della Heiman says, "We’re building a collaborative ecosystem where entrepreneurs can rapidly test, iterate, and incubate ideas on a daily basis. Start-ups will continuously hone their product based on real-time customer feedback, resulting in surprising new experiences for guests each time they visit The Wynwood Yard."
 Proposals from potential food operators and creative entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply at:

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