"As Sexy As Soup Can Be"; Wynwood Tenant is Redefining Soup!

Aug 26, 2015

Jersey-bred entrepreneur, Austin Allan has revolutionized and redefined the culture of soup-to-go. With a background in Spanish and Business, Allan drew upon his passion of the Spanish culture, and cultivated an idea into a full-fledged product that has made its way onto the shelves of health stores throughout the East Coast.  After spending three years living in Barcelona , Allan returned to the States and began to test the waters in the world of business. Allan soon realized that he had an idea for an innovative, new product that could attract health food lovers and Spanish cuisine aficionados alike. Allan was so moved by the idea, that in 2012 he packed his bags and made his way down to Miami to build his dream. 

Allan’s product, Tío Gazpacho, an all-organic, gluten-free gazpacho, made its debut in 2014, and was only sold at local Florida markets and events. It was not until finding its way to Art Basel, nearly two years ago, that Allan saw what a hit his product was and realized the full potential and aesthetic appeal. With all natural ingredients, including fresh, local vegetables, olive oil and Himalayan salt, Allan was able to create a tasty, healthy meal that fit snugly inside a sleek to-go bottle. 

While Tío Gazpacho’s office is located within the local Wynwood neighborhood, the unique product has spread, and made its way to the northeastern part United States—encompassing a region that stretches from the top of New England with its manufacturing site being in Connecticut to Central Virginia. Even though Tío Gazpacho’s area distribution is exclusively on the East Coast, its reach goes much farther beyond our borders, and impacts lives in a much different way. Since its creation,  Tío Gazpacho has been collaborating with a non-profit organization call “Development in Gardening”
(DIG), a small organization that focuses its efforts in the region of sub-Saharan Africa - chiefly within communities with a high population of HIV/AIDS victims. The organization works to promote and educate the local communities on the use of sustainable farming practices in conjunction with health education. This combination therefore provides the locals with access to fresh food, nutrition and an overall higher quality of life. 

Allan’s personal struggle with mild childhood obesity has been a source of inspiration to market a product that provides people with a healthy, satisfying meal that is ready with the twist of a bottle cap. With the goal of his product and ideas to reach the shelves of Whole Foods and Publix alike, Allan is working on a new, affordable line of bottled soups that offer a high-quality product at a fraction of the price! Be sure to check out your local health stores for Tío Gazpacho’s sensational soups. 

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