Job Description: "Miami Full Time", Miami Artist to Keep an 'Eye' Out For

Aug 26, 2015

This Miami man has gone from his native neighborhood of Hialeah to currently residing in downtown, spreading his art all over the canvas that is this city. At 35 years old, he proudly goes by the artist name of “Ahol Sniffs Glue” and has transformed his graffiti roots into a successful, fruitful style. His passion for the city and its people goes beyond the galleries and into the neighborhoods. Though he says his art is only bought by those “wealthier than his friends,” he believes it speaks to those less fortunate. This influence has latched onto different foundations that Ahol is currently involved with, in which he works with organizations such as “Lotus House” to ameliorate the living conditions of those less fortunate. 
His art can be found in murals on the side of businesses and buildings all over Wynwood and within the Gregg Sheinbaum “Fine Art” Gallery. 

Follow the Instagram accounts to see more: @aholsniffsglue @gsfineart

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