Cha-Ching, Artist "Coinslot" Makin' his Way Around Wynwood

Aug 24, 2015

Born Alexander Perez and reborn as artist Coinslot, this South Florida native has been spicing up Wynwood. This local has been drawing up a storm since the age of 13, expressing his interest in current events and the world around him through his art. Coinslot’s art has always taken interest in politics and his passion went full throttle into the art world at around the age of 21, when he realized the Art Mecca that was hidden within the “Walls” of Wynwood. 

Coinslot went from retrieving his canvases from paper bags and showing their potential to being recognized and represented by Gregg Shienbaum in his gallery on 22 St. and 2 Ave. He uses his illustrator and cartoonist background to portray his take on a particular political agenda such as a “Mickey Mouse” piece he recently sold depicting the “American Dream”. 

“I think every artist should emphasize on what’s going on today,” he said during our interview. 

His art has since gained popularity and he’s been grateful for the success and sales he’s had since signing with Sheinbaum. Be sure to check out Coinslot’s work around Wynwood and stay tuned for his future work! 

Follow him on instagram @coinslotart or by clicking here & Follow the gallery showcasing his art @gsfineart. 

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