It's a #MATCHAMI !

Aug 20, 2015

To “tea” or not “to tea”?  Though Shakespeare wasn’t particularly interested in people’s personal choice between coffee and tea, nowadays what you decide to pour in your morning cup has become quite a definition of character. Despite the existence of countless stereotypes for those who are coffee addicts and for those who opt for a nice cup of Oolong, Wynwood is now home to a new tea haven set out to accommodate coffee and tea lovers across the board. 

Mexico native, Alex Shapiro is one of the entrepreneurs behind ORTEAS—a brand embracing the art of tea drinking and evolving it into a lifestyle and environment that welcomes all. Shapiro arrived to Miami 4 years ago, and faced between the choice of living in Brickell or Midtown, he was immediately attracted by the atmosphere brought to him by the latter choice.  Soon enough he came across Wynwood, quickly claiming Panther Coffee his choice of coffee spots. Enamored by the idea behind Panther and its appeal to the masses, he became inspired as many do in this neck of the woods! Shapiro and his wife began traveling and exploring different business ideas he stumbled upon Matcha tea and the #Matcha movement that had rapidly been spreading across America—and the world.

Through extensive hands-on research across continents, he was able to absorb quite an extensive knowledge of tea, particularly on the green Matcha that he plans to make his staple product. With a selection of 50 to 60 teas to choose from, Shapiro wants to make his space one in which people with a different lifestyles and interest will be to use as a gateway to a place of inspiration, disconnection and of course rendezvousing!

Within the walls of ORTEAS Shapiro plans to provide his patrons with different kinds of Matcha which cover its culinary uses as it’s featured in foods as well as its use in shakes and of course refined tea. He also plans on featuring tea tastings and such which will allow people to become knowledgeably equipped in differentiating the characteristics of taste and quality in tea. All this will be paired with his passion for community involvement as he welcomes other local businesses and products to explore and be part of what’s happening at ORTEAS.

The design of the space is almost as unique as its concept, seeing as Shapiro sought out the Miami Ad School for their collaboration in the architectural layout of the place. With several contenders avidly working on the design, Shapiro eagerly awaits to give credit to the mind behind the final product. The idea of this specific collaboration came about with the intention of motivating the students with incentive and ultimately promoting the potential that lies within the streets of Wynwood!  

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You can also check them here!  

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