Under the Black Sun Through the Neon Trees

Aug 07, 2015

  • Date and Time: Saturday, August 8, 2015, 6-9pm
  • Name and Address of Venue: WYN 317 Gallery - 167 NW 25 ST, Miami, FL 33127
  • Hosting Organization: WYN 317 Gallery
  • Event Description: Every city has its book written in a million different volumes, each with its own author. New York tells stories of a concrete jungle, crawling with those who strive to one day take a chunk of the apple and feast on it for the rest of eternity. Los Angeles with its tales of lost angels flocking from all over the world is heaven for some, purgatory or even hell for others. But what about Miami? What of its book? Time and time again the city has been glamorized by South Beach and its pretty colors. A city supposedly filled with flamingos and peacocks ignores the pigeons and mocking birds that truly call it home. Under the Black Sun Through the Neon Trees will give a voice to a group of native sons telling Miami's story through their own work. Each artist, different from the next, will own a little piece of this epic volume by adding a chapter to the Magic City.
  • WYN 317 Gallery is pleased to present Under the Black Sun Through the Neon Trees, a group exhibition curated by Ivan Roque featuring works by Ernesto Maranje, James Livingston, James Brutus, Danny Ferrer and Ivan Roque. 
  • Cost of Tickets: Free
  • Phone Number: 305-761-1116
  • Contact Person’s Name and Email Address: Danelle Pino - info@wyn317.com

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