Beauty & the M.U.G.

Aug 07, 2015

If you’ve parked alongside the curb of NW 26th street in Wynwood to get to your morning session of Jet Set Pilates, then you’ve certainly walked passed Zak the Baker’s newest neighbor: M.U.G.! From the outside, this trendy spot captures the attention of both locals and newbies, as it works on establishing the new standard for Miami’s best hair—and your local brew of South African tea. To the naked eye, it looks like a fancy coffee shop. To the dressed eye, well, it also looks like a fancy coffee shop. The only difference lies in the altered perception of someone whose hair has been done within the advanced training center inside the facility--home of the top 1% hairdressers in the country.  

Stored, as a gem would be, within the walls of the same place M.U.G. serves its coffee is an advanced training center for hairdressers that trains and teaches already talented hairdressers. The locale functions as a hospitality empire catering to beer & wine fanatics, foodies, models and those wanting to witness the spectacle live in action.  The beauty school, LBP Studio, is based on a platform of education that sprouts from passion, dean Tom Seeberger, prides in his institution’s ability to perform transformations that suit the needs of each individual person they interact with. Seeberger and his colleagues are part of Luxury Brand Partners, which develop, manufacture and distribute high quality goods in the cosmetic industry—internationally and to high-end department stores in America such as Saks and Barneys. You may also find them at select salons.  LBP’s goal is to provide “high touch, white glove experiences” whilst elevating and celebrating their hairdressers for the intimate relationship they hold with each client during their 45 min to two hour beauty sessions.

Besides the brilliant concept being created and nurtured at M.U.G., the question in the back of everyone’s mind inevitably remains, “What is a Red Cappuccino!?”.  The “red” comes from across the pond—the other pond, South Africa. The Rooibos tea used in the “red” concoctions mastered by their coffee wiz, (Nevel….) comes from the South African Red Bush and is often referred to as Red Tea. The tea has been gaining quite some popularity with Westerners, particularly those concerned with their healthy, due to its high antioxidant content and its low caffeine component. I had the pleasure of experimenting a Red Latte and the subtle flavor had just the right amount of spices to send a sense of warmth to your insides and invigorate your pallet with each gulp of flavor consumed.
  With a 4.9 rating in customer service and a 100% approval rating on the coffee scale, keep your eyes out for what M.U.G. & LBP are bringing to Wynwood. 

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