Riviera Focacceria Italiana opens in Midtown

Dec 31, 1969

Riviera Focacceria Italiana is a new Italian restaurant open in Midtown. The restaurant has been open for just about 6 months now and has built up a strong reputation already for having some of the best Pesto around. What separates them from other Italian restaurants on the East Coast of the US is that they are the only ones serving authentic Ligurian Cuisine. They take pride in all dishes mostly due to the fact they get weekly shipments from Italy on and only use fresh ingredients. The pasta is always fresh and they do not use eggs in it; Mandilli pasta is one of their famed pasta dishes; the word “Mandilli” is translated to the word “handkerchief” in Italian which is relevant to its shape. They are open 11AM-11PM and sometimes later on the weekends. December 16th, there will be a special holiday event with more information found on the flyer below. Riviera Focacceria Italiana is located at 3252 NE Buenavista Blvd. #110 in The Shops at Midtown Miami. Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 54225 AMScreen Shot 2014-12-15 at 55513 AM

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