PangeaSeed Makin' a Splash in Wynwood

Aug 06, 2015

PangeaSeed has spread it’s wings and spanned the entire world with its influential work regarding art, science and the environment as it pertains to every life in each corner of the world. Their work is solely dedicated to raising public awareness and education people of the importance in conservation and preservation of sharks and other marine animals whose lives are endangered. 

Amongst their projects is the Sea Walls initiative which collaborates with renowned street artists from all around the world and from this fusion of art and awareness sprouts “murals for oceans”. This project brings oceans into the streets… literally. The contemporary display of the ocean’s magnificence and wondrous inhabitants allows for breathtaking imagery which induces the spectator with concern and intrigue towards the issue on display. In our very own Wynwood on 23rd Street, nestled in between NW 2nd and 5th avenue is one of their fantastic murals; next time you’re having a Pangoa bowl at Freshii or some steak tacos at Coyo Taco, be sure to check it out!

Featured below is a video of some of the similar work done in Mexico. 

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