Local Wynwood Restaurants Season August & September with “Miami Spice”

Aug 03, 2015

During the months of August and Semptember, Wynwood’s very own will be featured on the same list as hot shots like “Morton’s” and “Zuma”--providing food lovers all over Miami with their own Prix-Fixe lunch and dinner menu. The two lucky contenders are “The Gang Miami” and “Alter”, both located in the heart of the neighborhood.  

“Alter” will be offering menus, creatively crafted by Chefs Bradley Kilgore and Antoine Lecas, with a focus on locally sourced ingredients from Florida. This farm-to-table style highlights the rich variety of seafood, tropical fruits, vegetables and meats located just miles from the table it’s served at. Accompanying the flavor-full bites encompassing every meal is a delightful selection of wines whose origins span from the world’s most notorious producers to small, artisanal growers. 

Good food and good vibes are to be expected from the Miami Spice menu of “The Gang Miami” whose Asian fusion roots sprout a culinary experience including twist on East Asian and Bangkokian cuisine. The atmosphere created by the edgy layout and sensational aroma that fills the space is enough to transport your taste buds into another realm!  

Don’t miss out on either of these gems during the two-month special! 



223 NW 23RD ST.
MIAMI, FL 33127

The Gang Miami
3500 N. MIAMI AVE.
MIAMI , FL 33127

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