Waffle Wednesday Recap

Jul 15, 2015

This mornings Waffle Wednesday event featured The Crow Waffle, toppings of plums and cinnamon. Wynwood Maker Camp gave a special presentation involving the children attending the camp. 

Wynwood Maker Camp teaches kids about  3D printing & scanning, virtual reality, robotics & electrons, programing, music & video production, drone flight school, Minecraft and more! 

Three boys presented an online community that they created on Minecraft, Asher shared a commercial that he scripted, debuted in and directed himself and lastly a young girl shared a robot dolphin that she created with motion sensors and sounds. 

Camp owners Willie Avendano and Nelson Milian serve as mentors to the kids. 

The Wynwood Maker Camp offers two week sessions. 
For more information visit http://wynwoodmakercamp.com

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