Waffle Wednesday Re-cap

Jun 17, 2015

This mornings Waffle Wednesday was strawberry shortcake with presentations by Market Finder, Wynboard and V360. The companies presented their websites and products and explained their coding process.

Sania Hasnath and Krystal Klumpp created a website where farmer market venders can register and users can follow their product. Users are able to follow and search for market venders by zip code helping them keep up with their favorite farmer market venders.

Scott Gilore, Len Gutierrez and Steve Lokietz came up the idea of a website that regulates your meetings, classes, documents all in one spot called Wynboard. The websites goal is too keep you organized and on top of your schedule. The website allows you to easily look into your future plans.

Lastly V360, a premium 360 degree spots action camera for limitless creating.  You control the camera through Bluetooth with an Adriod or an Apple iOS powered smartphone or tablet. The camera has the ability to stream video live through wifi to 5 people at a time. You can purchase the camera at http://www.vsnmobil.com/products/v360

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