Board Game Night

Jun 16, 2015

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Remember family game nights? Mom always refused to honor your Get Out of Jail Free card. Your brother always somehow cured the wrenched ankle and the charley horse. (No surprise he’s now a surgeon.) And Dad’s hippo was the hungriest of all. In this, the videogame age, these nights have become more relic than regular. But Sweat Records (5505 NE Second Ave., Miami) and Emerge Miami have set out to change that. This Tuesday, grab a table for you and your posse at the monthly Board Game Night, where swarms of Parcheesi-playing, Risk-taking, Scrabble-savoring patrons gather to garner the glory of knowing they’ve still got it. Food and drinks will be available from Sweat’s café, but if you’re keen on making Apples to Apples a drinking game (highly recommended), smuggle in a few brewskies from Churchill’s next door.

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