GuicciVuitton exhibit

Jun 16, 2015

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GuicciVuitton hasn’t been around very long, yet the artist-run gallery/collective has already had a major impact on Miami’s arts community. Now the collective, made up of artists Loriel Beltran, Domingo Castillo, Armas Gutierrez and Jonathan Gonzalez, is getting its very own museum exhibition. The collective will construct a salesroom and “customized storage racks” at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (4040 NE Second Ave., Miami). There Guiccivuitton will hang and arrange unsold works by medium and size to “emphasize their commodity status, and to suggest questions of value inherent to a gallery or a museum.” Like most of GucciVuitton’s exhibitions, their ICA debut is meant to be a tongue and cheek critique of serious issues like capitalism and the value placed on the different types of work artists produce. The work in exhibition will be available for sale on the website, the website will go live when the exhibition debuts Thursday, May 14. The exhibition is on view until September 25. ICA is open Tuesday-Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission to the museum is free. Visit

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